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We always bring  all the latest equipment’s  of the world to India for weight-loss and fitness .



Inch Loss & Weight Loss by world
Latest Cooling Therapy

1.Host display: 8 “TFT color touch screen
2.Voltage : 220V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz ( according to the mark on the machine )
3.Power: ≤ 500w
4.Cooling liquid: pure water
5.Vacuum: 650mmHg
6.Pump flow rate: 60L/min
7.Vacuum pressure: 0-106Kpa
8.Freezing temperature: 0℃, -10℃, -15℃
9.Fat exploding frequency: 35-40K
10.RF frequency: 5MHz
11.Packing size: 122cm×59 cm×51cm
12.Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
13.Relative Humidity: ≤ 80%
Uses :
1.Body shaping, fat dissolving, repel the cellulite.
2. Lymphatic drainage, promoting metabolism blood circulation.
3. Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.
4. Tightening skin, strengthen skin elasticity, skin lift
5. Clear belly wrinkles, especially the stretch marks.
6. Complementing the collagen, skin rejuvenation

ilipo 1

The equipment takes the strong ultrasonic heads to release 40,000Hz powerful ultrasonic, speedy vibrates fatiness cells, produces countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells, makes the cell membrane produce the inner cracking, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycirin and free fatty acid, then under the power of RF wave with 0.5MHZ, to exhaust them out through the liver sausage circulation, at last, uses the dynamical red photon and the oriented electrode to do skin tightening, gets the body slimming and beauty effects.

  • 1. Mightily cracking the cellulite, remove the fatness.
    It uses the strong ultrasonic head to shoot 40,000Hz ultrasonic, after entering the body, will make the fatty cells produce mighty cracking effect and fatty cells friction, effectively exhaust the heat energy, exhaust cells water, let fatty cells shrinking. Moreover, when the ultrasonic vibrates, there will bring mighty impaction among cells, fatty cells will be less, so get effect of fatness removal.
    2. Dissolve the fatness, do lymph drainage, skin tightening, enhance skin elasticity.
    It takes the most advanced RF technique and energy, directly penetrate into deep-seated cellulite. With targeted oriented RF output, it makes the fatty cells in quick active state, produces heat friction, higher the partial temperature. Through the sweat gland, liver sausage circulation and lymph, exhaust the redundant fatness and toxins out of the body, so get the effect of cellulite dissolving.
    3. Improve the orange tissues, slim and sculpture the body contour.
    Through the electrode energy of the equipment, it produces biology waves to stimulate the body relevant points. With different frequencies and pulses, under many physics electron reciprocity, stimulate the fatness, let the body exercise, so exhaust the heat energy and fatness again, get the effect of sculpturing the body.

  • 1. Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world.
    2. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
    3. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.
    4. Easy operation, easy study.
    5. Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns..

  • 1. Free operation, . non-anaesthetic.
    2. No ruggedness.
    3. No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.
    4. No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
    5. Woundless, will not influence the nomal working and living.


Function :
1. Body sculpture,body shape,cellulite treatment
2. Lymph drainage,Accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism
3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
4. Lift, tone and brighten the face
5.Tighten the skin on the underarms and legs
6. Contour and tighten post-pregnancy tummy
7.Treat ‘crepe’ like skin on decollete , neck, hands, knees etc

Specification :
Power supply Input:110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ
Power :180W
40K silent cavitation head:
Power supply output:150V
Quadrupole RF head for body:
Power supply output:66V


Measuring Fat :
High measuring accuracy by using Tetra-Polar applying 50KHz
Precise measurement with Load cell and 24bit ADC
Reliability through clinical demonstration based on DEXA.

Function :
Speedy measurement within 15 seconds.
Icon Key
Providing with optimum levels of weight and recommended exercise method.

Ergonomically designed for user’s convenience.
Large LCD display (4.9inch)
Equipped with wide platform (307mm x 295mm)

deap heat1

Function :
1. Improving circulation reaction: adjusting incretion and tiny circulation, improve physique.
2. Heat-preservation effect: stimulating the function of auto regulation, reducing accumulation of subcutaneous fat caused by our body toward off the cool.
3. Activating physiological functions: balancing the secretion of hormones, pacifying adiposity caused by over secretion of estrogen.
4. To promote perspiration and remove subcutaneous fat is good for removing heavy metals, toxic and waste.
5. Enhancing vitality: strengthen metabolism, enhancing the use of nutrients, reducing tired.
6. Relax pressure, improving sleeping: Nowadays, the city is long time standing the status of “sub-health”, using equipment in regular period can relax tense nerves and tired muscles, making you become young and beauty.

12 channel 1

This group includes e. e. the wrapping up of the body, the depth-warmth method: lympth drainage, and electro-stimulation.
The last category includes the only really effective method: a treatment with BODY SHAPER with its specific, irregular waves.
Wrapping up, Depth warmth, Lympth drainage
The decreases in weight which can be noticed after above methods can be fully attributed to the loss of extra cellular moisture deposits. Hence appearance of slimming is only temporary. The Principle of Electro Stimulation The contraction of muscles is organized by the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS sends a signal to the peripheral, motor nerves, which are connected with a group of muscles fibers.
The combination of motor nerves and muscle fiber & motor nerves. As soon as a signal from the CNS reaches the muscle fibers, the latter will contract. The necessary energy is taken from, among other deposits, the glycogens which are deposited in the muscle fibers and from the latty acids. Which are in of around the muscles?

  • Next to the slimming treatment there is also the possibility of using BODY SHAPER to strengthen the muscles. Use Freq. at 10 for this purpose.

    A strengthening of the muscles can be useful in many ways. In the first place, flabby subcutaneous tissues are strengthened which makes the skin look more taut and smooth. In the second place, local metabolism in the muscle fibers will improve; this enables better discharge of body waste, while fat deposition at that place is impeded.
    In addition, stronger muscles increase rest metabolism, so that the energy consumption, per day, also when at rest, is higher. This fact again impedes the laying down of more fat deposits.

  • Digital power on/off switch
    Digital timer 0-99 min. With memory.
    Intensity control knob set.
    Independent intensity control for each channel.
    Intensity very linearly & in wide range from min. to max.
    Built in safety program.
    Digital selectable switch for fat & inch mode

    Technical specification:-

    Power supply 220V A.C.
    Frequency 30 pulses/sec
    Max peak output current 85 mA
    Dimension 450♣350♣150mm
    Max wattage 100 watts
    Weight 4.5 Kg.



Features :
1. Intensive physical biolysis to remove fat
2. Excess fat cell melted, Body circumference reduction
3. Body slimming, Body contouring, stretch mark improving
4. Cellulite reduction, Massage,
5. Skin tightening, Eyelid Area Treatment
6. Smooth fatigue, Wrinkle removal
7. Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
8. Promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism


1. Absolute pressure:90kpa-25kpa (68.4cmHg-19cmHg)
2. Relative pressure: 10kpa-75kpa (7.6cmHg-57cmHg)


g10 fat burner

Vibration slimming beauty equipment is a vibrating fat machine, is helpful to weight loss, stimulate the blood circulation. It can soften and remove the redundant fat, promote blood circulation, body massage, restored to health and slim, increase the elasticity of the skin.
Muscle-vibrating apparatus with five different heads. Softens excess fat in the body by quick compression and vibration. Body fat can eventually dissipate through continuous use of this unit.
This stylish genuine G5 offers you the innovative directional stroking facility. This patented adaptor changes obital massage action into a tangential unidirectional stroking which you will find assists the movement of surface body fluids to help Lymphatic Drainage. Now your treatments will not only include the benefits of the traditional vibration and percussion movements, but also the added benefits achieved by this unique adaptor.

  • -Stylish modern design
    -Supplied with five applicator heads
    -Disposable covers for foam heads for those who work with oil.
    -Verbal speed control
    -five star pedestal base
    -Accessory tray for applicator
    -Long smooth drive shaft
    -Low noise level when running

There are many other product for weight available. We always try to introduce world latest basic and advance products some of them are as follows:-

 >> Sauna Belt 

sauna belt 1

Our organization specializes in offering superior quality Slimming Sauna Belt. The offered belt is highly appreciated by our clients for their effectiveness in muscle relief, weight-loss and relaxation. Our vendors manufacture these belts by making use of cutting-edge technology and equipment in their well-equipped infrastructure facility. High-grade components and materials are procured from the reliable vendors of the industry to manufacture the Slimming Sauna Belt. Our high-ranking officials examine the belt before delivery to ensure longer service life.

  • Features:
    Easy to use
    Comfortable to wear
    High durability

    Other details:
    Original slim belt with 3 in 1 heating magnetic vibrating
    Lose 3-5kg in month
    Get slimmer in 30 Days
    Made of high technology
    Guarantee result original

 >>Five pad heating machine

5 pad heating mc

We have marked a distinct position in the market by offering superior quality Deep Heat Therapy. The given deep heat therapy is helpful in treating arthritis and bursitis, fractures, sprains, strains, and tendonitis. We are offering this deep heat therapy in numerous specifications as per market needs within a confine time. Our clients can avail this deep heat therapy from us at competitive rates with no constraint.

Long working life
Digital timer
Efficient results

 >>Body Trimmer Exercise 

body trimmer

Tummy Trimmer Low tension Double tube system  .Tummy Trimmer Idol for Toning ,strengthning your stomach & also waist and Legs.High tension double tube system for men .Contoured feet pedals .Rubber tube pull up bar ( To get  extra Body Shape ).Portable and light weight, can be used anywhere anytime. Flattens tummy  Timmer  with in just a few days  You get  Body Shape likes:
Overall Size(Not Stretch) : 51 x 27cm/20.1” x 10.6” (L*W)
Max Pulling Force :10KG
Package Include:1x Body Trimmer Gut Buste
1.It is very effective and easy to use, consisting of a contoured foam coated plastic handle and foam pedals to nicely fit into your hands and around your feet.
2.It can be used at home or in the office to shape your body, trim the waist. 
3.It helps to strengthen your arms, legs, hips, thighs and works on the tummy at the same time

  • Tightens hips and thighs
    Firms chests and arms .
    Fully adjustable in number of tubes .
    Tubes are washable .
    Contoured feet : pedals. 
    Tube : Rubber.
    Weight : Light. 
    Tightens : hips and thighs. 
    Firms : chests and arms. 
    Trimmer Type : Fully adjustable in number of tubes.
    Tubes : are washable.
    In the Box:- 1 pc of Body Trimmer

 >>Physical Therapy Body Slimming Massager

physical theropy body slimming massager

TENS UNIT/TENS Slimming Massager Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator Digital physical therapy machine Physiotherapy massager

Package Includes:

    1 x Slimming massager
    4 x Massage therapy electrode pad
    1 x Connecting cable
    1 x User manual in English or Electronic files

  • Massage the acupuncture points of the body, relieve fatigue and improve body function.
    Burn fat, local slimming, beautifying and cervical vertebra and neck pain.
    Suitable for stiff shoulders, chronic lower back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, leg ache & general fatigue, gastralgia,      cervical vertebra and neck pain, toothache, deficiency in energy, menstrual disorder.
    Out of 2 channels-A and B can be used to treat various parts of the body stimultaneously.
    With 8 massage modes 4 massage pads.
    Compact and lightweight design.
    Large, oval electrode pads for gentle massage.
    Comes with instruction manual & acupoint location guide.
    Comfortable massage.
    The wave from and frequency will fluctuate automatically 2 computerised programs for an even more.
    Power: 2 X AAA (3V) battery (not included).
    Dimension: 10 X 7.5 X 2.5 cm.

 >>Pointed body slimmer

pointed body slimmer 2

Pengen punya kulit kencang dan bebas selulit ? Gunakan yang satu ini Benice Body Slimmer Massager adalah rahasia dibalik kulit yang anda impikan. Anda bisa mendapatkan kembali Tubuh anda yang dulu dengan Benice Body Slimmer Massager ! Anda bisa Memakai Pakaian Lama anda yang sebelumnya terasa Sempit.
Membuat Ramping Tubuh Unik, 3D pijat tubuh.
Dengan roda silikon lembut untuk pijat mengurangi selulit.
Melancarkan sirkulasi peredaran darah.
Dipakai rutin untuk menghancurkan jaringan lemak ditubuh
Dapat digunakan untuk wajah , bahu , leher , lengan dan kaki.
Dalam 1 Paket Benice Body Slimmer Massager terdiri dari :
1 pcs Alat Body Slimmer Massager
1 pcs Adaptor Listrik
1 buku petunjuk

Paket termasuk:
1 buah Benice Body Slimmer Massager

 >>Push Fat Massage Machine Beauty Equipment

put fat massage mc

How to Operate:
Insert power plug into the wall socket of compatible power source
Turn the knob(Power and Speed Regulator) to start the massager
Turn the Power and Speed Requlator clockwise to adjust the speed form low ~ high, turn anti-clockwise to turn off the device.
After use, turn all switches to the “OFF” position and remove power plug from the wall socket.
Correct use of mesh cover to ensure hair protection The MANIPOL body massager has stylish, lightweight design.

Type  : Body
Model Name : Manipol
Color  :  White
Material  :  Plastic
Sales Package :  Massager     
Power Required (Volts) : 200-230 V
Power Source :  AC Adaptor
Product Dimension  : 24.6 x 18.4 x 11.2 cm

 >>Bodysuits Slimming Bodysuitt

Bodysuits Slimming Bodysuit

Smoothing Cami Bodysuit foundation with innovative shaping knit combined with low profile adjustable plush shoulder straps. 

Unique design controls tummy and eliminates bra lines and bulges in your back. Wear it every day.

 >>Fat burning weight loss essential oil

fat burning weight

Product Name:arsychll powerful lose weight essential oil slimming products to lose weight and burn fat slimming weight loss products
Item Code:264125069
Essential Oils Diffusers
Short Description:
arsychll powerful lose weight essential oil slimming products to lose weight and burn fat slimming weight loss products
Quantity:1   Piece
Package Size:1.0 * 1.0 * 1.0 ( cm )
Gross Weight/Package:0.25 ( kg )

 >>3D Anti-cellulite Massager Body Slimming

3d anti cellulite

3D Kneading Massager, 1MHz Ultrasonic Body Slim Massager are especially designed for body using. The ergonomics of handle design helps you easy to use. 3D Kneading Massager can enhance body care products penetrated into your body with much efficient result. With the vibration of one million frequencies per second (1MHz/sec.), it breaks the body care fluid into smaller particles so that it absorbed into your body faster and deeper. It is due to the power of “Acoustic Streaming”.
The effect of the 1MHz massager can penetrate into the skin surface up to 50~60mm. It is suggested to use it along with gel, body-slim lotion, and even the ointment or salve to produce the best results.
This product can improve stretch mark, body acne, anti-wrinkle, muscle tiredness and twist, fatness etc. The effect is better than hand massage or other massage devices. However, the ultrasonic series products need to use with the proper medium. 

  • 3D Kneading Body Massager Smart Tone,
    Body slimmer, Anti-cellulite Control System,
    3D Kneading Body Massager Smart Tone
    Body slimmer
    Anti-cellulite Control System
    Professional manufacturer in China
    CE RoHs F

  • Smart Tone Body Massager
    The ergonomics of handle design, especially for body using.
    1MHz ultrasound massager can enhance body care products penetrated into your skin surface up to 50~60mm.
    It can help to improve stretch mark, body acne, anti-wrinkle, muscle tiredness and twist, fatness etc.
    The effect is better than hand massage or other massage devices.
    It is safe for all ages and safe for daily use.
    Easy self-control at your own home.
    100% natural, painless and non-invasive.

  • Cleaning the attempt using part.
    Use the proper body care products.
    Use the massager lightly in a circular motion to enhance products penetration into the skin.
    Stop when the body care products absorbed into the skin.
    Use the low intensity and pulsed mode when applying daily care process. Use the high intensity and continuous mode if you want to achieve the faster result.
    Do not use the massager for more than 15 minutes on the same area per day. Excessive usage may cause fatigue muscle or skin.
    Do not stay on the same spot for over 30 seconds. Move the massager in a circular or transverse movement in use.
    DO NOT use the massager to your body directly only.
    DO apply proper body care products along with the massager at the same time. 

    L x W x H (cm) 20x20x7.5cm
    Diameter of the massager 14.5cm
    Weight 525g
    Intensity Low, Medium , High
    Standard Accessory Adaptor,Manual
    Input / Output AC 100-240V,50-60Hz / DC 12V, 600mA

 >>Fitness Equipment lose weight fast fat burner slimming

fat slimming massager

The massager is an extraordinary personal care kit designed for daily use, by integrating red photon light, micro-vibration and galvanic ion, it is capable of caring for the health of the face, eyes, scalp and hair
It is easy for you to keep charming with your beautiful hair and healthy shinning face by using its powerful function
The massaging kit not only stylish, sophisticate, but also ease to use
In a word, the kit is a perfect solution for your every personal care

  • Scalp massaging head
    Facial massaging head
    Eye massaging head
    Ion inductive part
    Rubber power button
    Standard USB charging port
    USB cover

  • Micro-vibration frequency: 130/200Hz
    Working voltage: 3.7V
    Wave length of red light: 630 ±10nm
    Power supply: lithium-polymer battery
    Battery volume: 300mAh
    Use time: 5 hours
    Power: 0.5W
    Applied area: eye area/scalp/face

  • The massager adopting the most advanced microwave ion and medical material probe pressing technology, utilizing the negative microwave ion to properly activate skin organization, promote declining skin to produce collagen, import nutrition into deep skin, in order to eliminate wrinkle, restore elasticity and relieve fatigue
    630nm red light: in many medical studies, the red light is capable of penetrating deeply into the dermis layer and stimulates the renewal of fibroblast and the production of collagen & glycogen, restoring skin elasticity and smoothness
    Negative ion helps to import essence into skin
    The massager can generate negative ion by its built-in high-tech component and charged the essence component into powered water-solubility status
    The essence will be pressed into the deep layer of skin by the like charge on the massager and helps to enhance absorption
    The effect is incredible as the active ingredient is absorbed even using daily skin care product
    Bio-micro current technology, activate cells and promote rebirth of new skin
    The micro current chip will automatically start up when your hand touch circuit pieces
    It activates the skin cell and stimulates the increase of collagen, improve the skin elasticity and remove wrinkles
    Low-frequency vibration technology accelerates micro circulation
    There is a low-frequency vibrator inside the massager, which produce 200 times vibration every second, the vibration empower the circulation of lymph, carry more nutrition and take away toxic material, thus improve the complexion and whitening the skin

 >>Green  Leaf Tea slimming 

green leaf

Hold your applause: That secret tool is green tea—a humble drink that’s been cherished as a health miracle for centuries, but one that science is finally coalescing around. Literally hundreds of studies have been carried out to document the health benefits of catechins, the group of antioxidants concentrated in the leaves of tea plants. And the most powerful of all catechins, a compound called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, is found almost exclusively in green tea.
When Jeannine Arenas of Miami, Florida used tea as her weight-loss weapon, she lost 9 pounds in 7 days. “I loved the results!” she told us. Tracy Durst dropped from a size 20 to a size 16 in just one week. “I’m alive with energy!” she says. And in a study in The Journal of Nutrition, those who sipped green tea for 17 days had less belly fat and smaller waistlines than those who did not. Plus, when Taiwanese researchers studied more than 1,100 people over a 10-year period, they determined that those who drank green tea had nearly 20 percent less body fat than those who drank none!
How can you make this high-powered metabolism-booster work for you? Here are 23 fat-melting secrets and strategies, compliments of the extraordinary research revealed in The 17-Day Green Tea Diet.

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